No es un verbo sino un vértigo.

No indica acción.
No quiere decir ir al encuentro de alguien sino yacer porque alguien no viene.




Lenguaje de imágenes

Ese perfecto instrumento, ese escape a otros mundos, para vivir con la imaginación durante una hora y media.


Beautiful that Way

Smile, without a reason why
Love, as if you were a child
Smile, no matter what they tell you
Don’t listen to a word they say
'Cause life is beautiful that way

Tears, a tidal-wave of tears
Light that slowly disappears
Wait, before you close the curtain
There’s still another game to play
And life is beautiful that way

Here, in his eyes forever more
I will always be as close as you remember from before.

Now, that you're out there on your own
Remember, what is real and what we dream is love alone.

Keep the laughter in your eyes
Soon, your long awaited prize
We'll forget about our sorrow
And think about a brighter day
'Cause life is beautiful that way


<You've got so much more to dream of,
<Oh girl, sail her, don't sink her,
<This time,
<This time,
<This time.
<<<<<<<<(Girl Sailor - The Shins)

*Foto gentileza de Aye
al caminar por esa -memorable- Escollera Sur.